I'm a seasoned, results-driven, award-winning marketing and communications manager/director with a vast array of experience. I have the ability to solve business problems by leading teams to create innovative marketing solutions and social media/public relations strategies. I love creating engaging material through blogs, social media content, public speaking, video, and as a voice-over actress. I'm passionate about communicating information that entertains, provides helpful information. 

I currently have 20+ years of experience in consumer marketing, including 11 years as Vice President of Marketing where I implemented new products, drove product sales and led a team of 3-4 marketing professionals. For 8 years I promoted hundreds of programs and events for a park district, driving revenue for its facilities and managed all the marketing and communications.

Specialties: Communications; marketing planning, strategy, and budgeting; writing press releases and social media content; public speaking/corporate communications, and voice over.